November 20, 2015

Email Marketing: Reaching Your Target Audience

email marketingThe best way to reach potential clients and customers is via email.

95% of online consumers use email and 91% reported that they check it at least once a day. Not only that, but 77% of consumers also prefer email for marketing communications.

With numbers like these, failing to avail yourself of email marketing is literally betting against the odds.

Email Marketing is NOT Spam

Email marketing, when done properly, will never be spam.

Spam is almost always something you never asked to receive, downright useless, and usually peppered with annoying language designed to sell you something.

Unfortunately, tons of spam is circulated daily, and that is precisely why email marketing has such a stigma attached to it.

Remember, no honest or reputable online marketing company would resort to purchasing email lists to simply send out message blasts. It is unethical and bad marketing.

Effective Email Marketing

The primary function of email marketing is to develop your leads into clients or customers.

The best way to do this is to use your email campaigns for sending relevant, insightful, and helpful content to your contacts.

Doing this accomplishes at least three things:

  1. It serves as a breath of fresh air for consumers to see an email with information they actually are interested in reading instead of some thinly veiled excuse to advertise.
  2. It establishes your authority and credibility, making a person much more likely to hire you or purchase your product.
  3. It subconsciously and unobtrusively reminds people of you, putting your company in the forefront of their minds.

Emailing content is similar to giving a present: you need to give someone what they want, not what you want to give. Make sure your emails are filled with content uniquely tailored to the recipients.

Also, when it comes to making your email campaign successful, the most important thing to do is segment your contact list.

Do not send the same email to everyone on your list–separate out and sort your contacts appropriately.

How to Segment Your Contacts

Segmenting your contacts involves looking to how you received this person’s email address and critically thinking a bit.

Did the contact give it to you in order to obtain an e-book? Did he want a discount you were offering? Did she provide it when asking for a free estimate or consultation?

If you received the person’s email address from an e-book offer, he probably is not quite ready to buy from you just yet.

This contact might have only wanted high-quality information and felt like you were the one who could offer it. Consequently, sending an email about your products or services might be premature for this person, and it might even aggravate him. Can you say, “delete button”?

However, the person who gave you his email address in exchange for a discount is very much ready to hire or buy from you, so make sure to provide this person with buyer-ready content and an eye-catching call-to-action showing him how to best get in touch with you or linking him directly to your products page.

The individual who gave you her email for a free estimate or consultation is still shopping around. Here too, she is not quite ready to hire or buy from you, so tread a bit softly when it comes to selling yourself in the email and subtly offer a bit of content tactfully distinguishing your business from your competition without scaring her off.

What should be your biggest takeaway from all of this?

Running an email campaign that sends the same email to all three of these contacts would be a disaster. After all, the very content you should avoid using for some contacts is exactly what you should say to others!

Setting up three targeted emails might be a bit time consuming, but you will see a much higher return on your investment from doing so.

You might be thinking that all of this is easier said than done and involves lots of strategy and effort––and you would be 100% right.

It is highly recommended that you reach out to an online marketing company that knows the ins and outs of email marketing and let them handle this for you.

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