Top 3 Reasons Attorneys Should Never Buy Likes or Followers

buying likesThere are armies of operations out there promising your law firm the moon and the stars when it comes to social media success. All you have to do is buy Twitter followers or Facebook likes from them and you’re all set.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Artificially inflating your follower numbers or throwing a few thousand quick likes on a piece of content seconds after it’s published may look like you’re building up your social media presence, but in reality it does tremendous damage.

Here are the top three reasons you should think twice before you buy likes or follows from any of these shady operations.

1 – Buying Likes and Followers Makes You Look Like a Phony

For starters, when you build your business on a shaky foundation propped up by invisible followers and robot likes you’re never going to feel like you have a solid footing underneath you.

This footing is going to feel fake (because it is), and that’s going to come across in your marketing and advertising. How? Think about it: you aren’t going to be compelled to advertise to your followers, especially if they aren’t real potential clients that will actually engage with you.

On top of that, it’s impossible to act like our social media visitors (the real ones) are ignorant to the fact that people are purchasing followers and likes these days.

If they come across a brand new account that is flooded with followers, but it has next to no content or activity, they’re going to see right through you!

2 – Purchased Followers Never Convert Into Clients

fake followersWhen you purchase followers and likes from the kinds of operations that offer these services today, you have to realize that you’re purchasing “robots”––you aren’t purchasing the real deal.

That means you’re simply flooding your account with numbers and nothing more. In terms of generating leads, you’re still at square one.

Social media success today is all about being able to communicate to a laser-targeted market interested in you, your brand, and what you have to offer.

When you’re marketing to robots––like you will be if you buy followers and likes––you aren’t going to be able to translate any of that “traffic” into new clients.

3 – Data Shows that Buying Likes and Followers Cripples Your Influence

Actual data from online marketers that have split tested social media accounts with purchased likes and followers versus social media accounts that post the exact same content at the exact same time but with organic traffic shows that there is a world of difference between these two approaches––and it isn’t even close.

If you want to enjoy tremendous success on social media today, you need to be building your social media platforms organically with prospects that have the potential to turn into paying clients.

If you try to skip ahead of the line by purchasing likes and followers, you’re going to waste time and money and get crushed by your competition.

Successfully amassing a following on Twitter can be quite time consuming and generating qualified leads from those followers takes even longer. This is true whether you’re a newborn photographer or selling used cell phones. However, the reward that comes from that time and effort will be well worth it.

Where More Clicks More Clients Fits In

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Top 3 Reasons Attorneys Should Never Buy Likes or Followers
Here are the top three reasons you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to even think about buying likes or follows from any of these shady operations.