July 21, 2016

Law Firm SEO in Massachusetts

law firm seo maRunning your own Massachusetts law firm can be tough. There are over 610,000 lawyers in Massachusetts alone, and competition is fierce.

Although potential clients are all over the state, how are they supposed to find you?

Most ask family, friends, and neighbors for suggestions. However, immediately after, they hop online to do research.

Having a website for your law firm that tells people about your services isn’t enough any more: you need people to easily find your website online in Google and other search engines.

Spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on offline advertising is also out of the question. You’ll never recoup your initial investment, and it only brings in a few qualified leads.

What your practice really needs is law firm SEO.

Law firm SEO helps you increase your site’s visibility in search engines while directly targeting the exact clients who are looking to hire a lawyer just like you.

How Do You Carry Out Law Firm SEO in Massachusetts?

SEO helps potential Massachusetts clients find your website when they search for specific keywords and phrases in Google.

When done correctly, attorney SEO gets your site to come up on Page 1, so that they can see what you have to offer. In today’s world, it’s one of the best ways to advertise and also extremely lucrative in the long run.

Here are just a few ways you can build your client base with Massachusetts law firm SEO.

Link Building

When another website links to yours, it counts as a vote of confidence in you and your firm. The more well known and trusted that site is, the more likely Google will be to trust yours. Consequently, you need to increase the number of websites pointing to your website. This is usually achieved by reaching out for guest posts on trusted law-related sites, building relationships with other non-competing lawyers, and producing content worth linking to.

Local SEO

If you’re running your law practice in MA, your site is going to need to come up when people Google terms like “personal injury lawyer in MA” or “Boston real estate attorney.” A great way to do this is through local SEO. Local SEO for lawyers usually involves creating content containing local keywords, claiming and verifying local business citations, and collecting as many positive reviews on sites like Avvo and Yelp. If successful, not only will you come up for those search terms in the organic listings, but you may even appear underneath the map that Google displays above those results.

On-Page SEO

One of the first things any SEO campaign involves is optimizing the title tags, meta descriptions, and site code of the pages and posts on your website. Once you have your keywords in all the right places, you need to optimize the speed of your webpage and take care of other technical aspects.

Social Media

Lastly, you really cannot ignore social media anymore. Having a Facebook page for your firm and creating a company Twitter account is essential. Share legal tidbits, promote your blog posts and content, and build an audience of potential clients by providing valuable answers to questions they might be asking. For example, if you’re a traffic ticket lawyer in MA, write a blog post that tells people how much they can expect to pay in fines and surcharges if convicted of certain vehicle infractions. Then, share that post across your social media channels.

In all honesty, you’re going to need some help with all of this. More Clicks More Clients is a law firm SEO company that does everything mentioned above and a whole lot more. We were started by a lawyer turned SEO pro who has a strong desire to help his fellow attorneys grow their businesses and get more clients.

Isn’t it time your law firm was on Page 1? Call us today to find out how we can help get you more clients: (732) 503-8991.