July 19, 2016

Law Firm SEO in DC

law firm seo dcAccording to figures from the American Bar Association’s 2016 lawyer population survey, Washington, DC has one of the largest concentrations of practicing attorneys in the United States.

With over 52,000 active attorneys, it ranks above states like Georgia, Michigan, and Massachusetts.

With such a large number of lawyers spread across numerous law firms and single practitioner offices, competition for clients is at an all time high.

For that reason, law firm SEO in DC takes on a level of supreme importance when it comes to client acquisition.

What Exactly is Law Firm SEO?

In a broad sense, search engine optimization (SEO) deals with improving and enhancing a business’s web presence in order to have its website rank well in search engine results.

SEO for lawyers is a sub-set specialty of this. It focuses on ranking your firm’s site as high as possible for the terms and phrases your potential clients are looking for. This leads to more clicks on your website, more calls to your firm, and an overall increase in your client base.

Nowadays, a law firm’s SEO strategy is the foundation upon which its marketing plan is built.

Why DC Lawyers Need Legal SEO

The DC area is one of the most densely competitive areas in the country if you’re an attorney. This results in a critical need for developing a sound SEO strategy and hiring an experienced SEO agency that deeply understands the legal field to help you.

One of the most fundamental components of any law firm SEO strategy is on-page SEO. This involves optimizing the site code, tags, and meta descriptions of the posts and pages on your site as well as making it mobile-friendly.

Link building is another essential part of SEO for DC lawyers. Networking with other lawyers for guest posts on their blogs, developing relationships with local law schools, and creating content worth linking to is just the beginning of what goes into it. Without question, link building is both the most technical and most vital component of law firm SEO.

Review management is also mission critical to a lawyer’s SEO campaign. Having a 10/10 rating on Avvo just doesn’t cut it anymore. Potential clients are looking to see if you have favorable reviews on your Google My Business page, Facebook page, and even Yelp listing. Developing a streamlined method of getting favorable five star reviews is one of the most effective ways to convince potential clients to hire you. Remember, your overall reputation as a lawyer is now directly linked to way people perceive you online.

Moreover, social media management cannot be overlooked. In order to enhance the brand awareness of your firm, you need to engage with prospective clients and help foment interest in the content you published on your website, blog, and YouTube channel. You’d be surprised how many DC attorneys are landing clients because they engage with their Facebook and Twitter audiences.

Ultimately, in a market as large and as complex as the Washington, DC area, a law firm needs to retain the services of an SEO agency experienced in law firm SEO in DC.

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