Why Legal SEO Should be Your Practice’s Top Priority

legal seoThe Internet has exposed the legal industry to countless opportunities.

A potential client looking for a lawyer only needs to type a related word into a search engine. In return, he’ll get information on thousands of firms, solo practitioners, and legal agencies.

So how does an attorney ensure that his or her practice stands out and becomes more visible to potential clients? The answer is law firm SEO.

Legal SEO Gets You More Clients

It’s not enough to have an attractively designed website showcasing your areas of practice and accomplishments. For you to reach potential clients, ranking well in search engines like Google is an absolute must.

Imagine a typical mother looking to find a lawyer for her severely injured son. One of her first questions is going to be: “What lawyers in my area can help me get justice?”

Like most people, she’ll grab her smartphone or laptop, and begin to Google “personal injury attorney in NJ.”

Whichever lawyer appears highest in Google will probably get a call from her. If your site doesn’t show up, you don’t stand a chance at getting her son as a client.

Through link building, on-page SEO, and creating content around popular keywords and search phrases, legal SEO will get your site to come up ahead of your competition.

Professional and Objective Advice

Many attorneys take the time to create websites, which by legal standards are superb to say the least.

Unfortunately, they then upload tons of legalese-laced content hoping to attract and engage visitors. In most cases, however, they hardly ever succeed.

What these attorneys fail to understand is that their targeted audience isn’t familiar with the legal jargon they’re using.

In reality, most people want to visit websites containing easy to read content, not legal encyclopedias or pedantic posts.

Had these attorneys hired an SEO company for lawyers, they would’ve received unbiased assessments of these efforts and professional advice regarding how to improve their web presence.

For instance, any legal SEO company worth its salt would help the attorney craft detailed pages about his or her main areas of practice that discuss them on a level any person could understand since that will make the attorney appear both knowledgeable and relatable –– two crucial traits potential clients look for.

Legal SEO Saves You Time

As an advocate, you have a lot on your plate and very little spare time. Attempting to do online marketing and legal SEO on your own could be a big mistake.

Think about it: you’re going to need to spend tons of time researching what keywords your potential clients are Googling, writing thought-provoking blog posts, promoting those posts on social media, responding to comments, checking up on your reviews, engaging your followers through creative email campaigns, and strategizing how to turn clicks into clients.

All of this is quite literally a full-time job that is best left to a professional online marketing company that has a proven track record of success.

Leaving attorney SEO and online marketing to the pros allows you to continue fighting for justice and helping improve your corner of society while confidently knowing that your online visibility is steadily improving and more potential clients will be calling your firm.

Where More Clicks More Clients Fits In

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